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Artificial Intelligence(AI) has been developed near a half-century. There are lots of state-of-art Machine Learning(ML) algorithms being used in the industries, such as CNN, RNN, Ridge Regression, Elastic Net, Random Forest, and Back Propagation, etc.
Geoscientists should have more powerful tools to solve kinds of complex questions. Our goal is to build a bridge through which geoscientists can easily use Machine Learning(ML) algorithms within geoscience environment. 


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AI2Geo provides great value, honest service, and flexible solutions. 

Seismic Interpretation

A tool for seismic interpretation quickly

Machine Learning

Combining ML algorithms and Geoscience

Geological Model

Stratigraphic, structural modeling, Facies modeling and petrophysical modeling

Attribute Calculation

Calculating attributes based on your theory

Log Management

Delete, merge, rename, and combine curves

Depth Conversion

Build velocity model and convert seismic objects from time to depth

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Currently, Jun is the only bee for honey. If you are interested in programming, geoscience, or Machine Learning algorithms, you are welcome to join us.